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A.D Cop (PC)

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A.D Cop was made in 1996 by EMAG Soft for PC. In episode 43 I already talked about its sequel called ''A.D Cop Overseas Mission'' and the PG-5 PC light gun. The game was distributed in Poland by Mirage. Apparently there was a Polish release which featured all levels of both A.D cop games in one release.

As Mirage did not translate the game, but invented their own story, I can't say too much about the real story and therefore I have to guess. Terrorists attack an armory, while the A.D Cops are penetrating a secret terrorist hideout disguised as a warehouse. After the A.D Cops succeed, they break into the invaded armory and save hostages. Some terrorists manage to escape in a truck. The remaining terrorists unpack an experimental robot, which goes on a rampage and attacks everybody.

The game is very similar to its sequel and uses the same weapons. Even though the game uses the same character models, all bosses besides the robot are new. Furthermore weapons are often dropped by normal enemies and not just by fleeing ones. While I wasn't able to pick up a single high capacity pistol in Overseas Mission, they occur quite often in its predecessor. Another difference is the number of cut scenes. In this game are seven cut scenes as opposed to the two in Overseas Mission. However they have such a small resolution that it is very difficult to display them. Apparently later releases of the games fixed this by including higher resolution cut scenes.

The game features three chapters made of three missions each. The first level starts inside the warehouse. In the second level the player enters the basement of the warehouse which reveals to be a terrorist hideout. In the third level the player chases the boss of this chapter in to the yard of the warehouse. In the fourth level the A.D cops break into the attacked armory from the top floors. In the next level they go down the stories of the building. The last level of this chapter takes place in the underground parking of the building. The seventh level takes place in the still occupied lobby of the armory. In level eight the player secures the research facility. The final level takes place at the production plant.

Personally I really like the game. Everything I loved about Overseas Mission is already present in this predecessor. Interestingly this first game can be played with joystick or mouse too, which potentially opens the way for usage of modern mouse mimicking light guns.

The Polish box art looks intriguing. Apparently A.D Cop was a budget release there.