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Capone (Amiga)

The reviews on this site are the text versions of the videos on my YouTube channel. The text based reviews use (if at all) very little pictures. Please follow the link to the corresponding video in order to see in game graphics.

Capone was made in 1988 by Actionware for the Commodore Amiga. Actionware offered an own light gun for their compatible games. There were two variants: One looked like a Sega Light Phaser and one looked like an Atari XG-1. The Actionware Amiga games were also compatible with the Loricel West Phaser, which used a serial DB-25 connector instead of a DE-9 joystick connector. There was a Capone port for IBM compatible computers, which best to my knowledge lacks light gun support. I think this is a missed opportunity as the Loricel West Phaser was PC compatible. The Amiga was very advanced for its time. Within a certain time frame games released for Amiga were far superior to other ports. Especially the PC ports were inferior graphically and sound wise.

The game's story takes place in Chicago in the 1920ies. The player is an undercover cop which gets uncovered and attacked by the mafia.

The player uses a semi automatic pistol with a limited number of shots. The magazine replenishes itself over time. The gun behaves similar to weapons in other games with a heat gauge: If the pistol is used over a certain threshold a waiting punishment is triggered, during which the player can't shoot. A full automatic machine gun can be picked up by shooting an icon. Some enemies will drop or throw dynamite, which causes substantial damage if it isn't shot within time. When the player dies the game may be continued from the same location as long as a minimum points requirement is met. Different kinds of punishments are triggered if a civilian is shot, depending on the type of the civilian.

There are 5 levels. The first level plays on the streets. The second level is located in front of a warehouse. The next level takes place inside this warehouse. The fourth level takes the player back to the streets. Finally the player stops gangsters which are robbing a bank. If the player beats the last level the game loops and starts over on high difficulty.

Personally I like the game. The graphics and music were really enjoyable. However I felt the game was too hard. I assume that most play testing was done using the mouse. I can't see myself beating the game any time soon using solely a light gun.

I played the game with a Sega Light Phaser, using an Adapter invented by ''damon_sisk'' on the ''English Amiga Board''.

The Actionware games came in at least two versions: A cardboard box and a plastic keep case. For Capone I have the plastic keep case. The cover of Capone is very well drawn and looks gorgeous.

The concept for Capone and the other Actionware light gun games came from Richard Perry. In the manual he tells his story how he wasn't into video games at all. Someday he went into an Arcade with his son. There Richard played light gun games for the first time in his live. He liked it so much that he decided to produce light gun games himself for the Amiga platform.