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セロファーンズ Cellophanes (Sony PlayStation)

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Cellophanes was made in 1997 by Ninelives for the Sony PlayStation. It is a collection of 12 arcade style games. They were all made for this collection, but they look like games from the seventies and eighties. The manual includes fake advertisements for those games in full color. Amongst the games are monochrome games which mimic having a colored screen overlay in front of the display. Five of the games are similar to Break Out.

The disk starts with a lovely drawn intro showing a child inserting a coin into an arcade cabinet. Tiny magical creatures than operate the machine from inside. Amongst the games are three light gun games, which are made to resemble the optomechanical games of the seventies. The first light gun game is Wild West themed. The second game plays at a jungle. In the third game tanks have to be shot. The player uses a semi automatic gun with infinite capacity. In the Wild West and the Jungle light gun games are civilians who lead to a score punishment upon being shot.

Cellophanes features a store were additional features for the twelve games can be bought. The playtime works as currency. In the case of the three light gun games the player may buy a cadence upgrade.

Personally I like the game. The three light gun games feel as intended. The difficulty is adequate for the short length. I was quite challenged to reach a 100 % score in those games. Furthermore the other 9 included games are fun too and would appeal to a wide audience of retro gamers. The presentation is appealing. I like the hip hop influenced music.

I find the cover quite intriguing. It shows the boy from the intro and some screenshots of the included games.