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2 in 1 Cosmocop Cyber Monster (Family Computer Clones)

The reviews on this site are the text versions of the videos on my YouTube channel. The text based reviews use (if at all) very little pictures. Please follow the link to the corresponding video in order to see in game graphics.

2 in 1 Cosmocop Cyber Monster was made in 1993 by Sachen which is also known as Thin Chen Enterprise. As the name already gives away it is a multi game cartridge with the individual games Cosmocop and Cyber Monster.

Cyber Monster plays in a holodeck where pictures of monsters and girls are generated. The player has to shoot the monsters quickly as a health penalty occurs otherwise. This is done while avoiding shooting the girls, as this would also reduce the stock of lives. The game is endless but as the timeframe during which the monsters have to be shot gets smaller over time the game is eventually terminated.

Cosmocop lets you shoot at a variety of enemies. If they remain too long on the screen they will open fire on you. The game consists of 4 levels. The first level plays at train tracks. The second level plays outside a warehouse. The third level takes place inside a futuristic building. The last level plays in the sky surrounded by clouds. Each level is concluded in a boss fight. Cosmocop plays really strange as the player has lots of health but just a very limited stock of ammunition. Therefore it is of outmost importance to not miss too many shots as the level can't be succeeded otherwise. The ending screen of this game is quite dull and doesn't feel satisfying. I found out a nice trick: If a level is too difficult the player may insert a controller to the controller port 1 and press a direction on the D-pad during the game selection screen. The four directions of the controller correspond to the four stages of Cosmocop. Therefore the individual levels may be selected at will.

I like the pause features inside both games. The music is ok, but it gets dull as variations of the same single track are used throughout every stage in both games. The difficulty of the game is good. If it was more difficult it would be even more frustrating and if it was less difficult it would be even more boring. In my opinion the game feels like a rushed budget title. Therefore I dislike the game. I think the Sachen made games lack the dedication and love found in the other Taiwanese games.

I like the artwork on the cover. While the cover fails to represent any of the content of the two games I dig the air brush style of it.