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G/C-2 Light Blaster by gameā€¢elements, Gemini

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The Light Blaster was distributed by Gemini using their gameĀ·elements branding. It was made for Sony PlayStation 1 and 2. Both Guncon modes and normal gun mode are supported.

Obviously this is a copy of Namco's Guncon 2. The general shape deviates a bit as the fake laser unit at the bottom front is missing. Furthermore some fine details were changed or added. The serrations at the slide are distinctive and so is the fake safety lever. A very welcome change is the different placement of the A and B buttons. On the Light Blaster they are located further at the front which I like much better. The gun even goes so far to copy the original G/C-2 letters just leaving away the inscription "System Product". Loose units are often sold using this name, as no other name is written onto the gun. The quality of the molding is very good and the embossed letters are very clear. The gun feels solid and sturdy.

On the left hand side are the Start and Select buttons and a switch which allows the choice of the fire mode amongst normal, auto fire and auto reload but no combinations thereof. The reload interval is six shots. On the right hand side one button is labeled "GunCon Start" which is mapped to different functions depending on the gun mode. A latching push button toggles the force feedback on and off. This rumble feedback is a bit delayed and very week. Between those buttons is the gun mode selector switch. As with the genuine G-Con 2 the C button is on the heel of the handle and the D pad is below the back sight. The trigger is tactile and feels nice but it is a bit stiff compared to the trigger of the original. The gun has a distinctive connector which is a fusion of a PlayStation- and a USB A jack.

In GunCon mode accuracy and precision are very good. There are no dead zones on the screen. The Guncon Start button is mapped to B in this mode. In G-Con 2 mode accuracy and precision are again very good. This time there are very narrow dead zones at the top of the screen and the left border. These are presumingly too tiny to be of concern. In normal gun mode accuracy and precision are also very good if the RCA connector is detached. This gun seems to pick up interferences otherwise which degrade accuracy and precision at lot. In this mode the A button is mapped to the special shot and GunCon Start and B are mapped to Start. Personally I love this light gun. I bought it without any expectations as the G-Con clones I have tested before were of low quality. Therefore I was very surprised about the gun's performance. The Laser Blaster now allows me to get a Guncon 2 like experience on PlayStation 1 games, which was always a dream of mine.