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GooseBusters (Commodore 64)

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Goose Busters was made in 1990 by Software Creations for the Commodore 64. It was released by Virgin Mastertronic bundled together with the Magnum Light Phaser and other games. In the game's story the player participates a shooting competition at the Higgins and Higgins country club. This club is animal friendly and offers solely non-living objects to shoot. The participants are even trained to spare animal live as remote controlled mechanical geese are flying across the sky which yield in a point penalty upon being shot.

The player uses a semi automatic weapon with infinite capacity and infinite ammunition. In every level a required amount of hits has to be met within a time limit in order to proceed. Clay pigeons, two kinds of targets and balloons yield points when being shot. Bombs and mechanical geese subtract points if they are shot.

The game gets harder after every level. The target pattern changes from level to level and new target types appear in the higher levels. Sadly the game doesn't seem to be well programmed, as it will come to a point where far too less shootable objects will appear and thus end unsuccessfully. The game is well presented with decent graphics and nice music. Personally I enjoyed to play the game once, but without a final score being displayed at the game over screen and the game breaking bug rather early in the game there isn't much which would keep me playing.