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Gunslinger (Commodore 64)

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Gunslinger was made in 1990 by Software Creations for the Commodore 64. It was released by Virgin Mastertronic bundled together with the Magnum Light Phaser and other games. In the game's story the player just became marshal. Therefore the player does two kinds of shooting practice to become better. While being at the training a gang called Ludlow Boys occupies a saloon and is shooting at towns people. The marshal comes to stop them.

The aim of every round is to achieve 50 points. The player uses a semi automatic gun with infinite capacity but limited stock of ammunition. The game consists of three rounds: Shooting at turning targets in the desert, shooting at round targets in a barn and finally shooting the Ludlow Boys in the saloon. After those three rounds the game loops back and gets more difficult by giving the player 10 bullets less to start with. In total ten of those loops take place before the difficulty level is set back to the easiest one. There is no time limit and the enemies don't defend themselves. Achieving a fast round time does not improve the score.

The graphics are rather basic but the music is quite decent. The game seems very uninspired and unfinished to me. Personally I think this is the worst game of the Light Phaser bundle. I got bored rather fast as there was no challenge for me in the game.