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Logic3 PX098 Assault Rifle

The reviews on this site are the text versions of the videos on my YouTube channel. The text based reviews use (if at all) very little pictures. Please follow the link to the corresponding video in order to see in game graphics.

The PX098 Assault Rifle was distributed by Logic3. It supports the Microsoft Xbox, but also the Sony PlayStation 1 & 2 in both GunCon modes and normal gun mode. The gun was made to look like a Heckler & Koch MP5, but isn't properly licensed.

Even though the butt stock is readily removable, it is firmly locked when attached. This lock is amongst the best I have ever seen on a light gun. The PX098 sports an ambidextrous fire mode switch, which offers normal, auto fire, auto reload and auto fire plus auto reload as choices. The auto reload feature has a six shots capacity. Interestingly the gun reloads twice each time if the gun is set to auto fire plus auto reload mode. The A and B buttons are located at the right hand side of the front grip, which is convenient when the gun is used as a rifle, but not so much if it is handled like a pistol. Like with the Logic3 X99L before the D-pad is rotated by 90 °. The direction facing the barrel is up. On the opposite side of the D-Pad are the Xbox exclusive buttons Y, Black and White. On the left hand side of the receiver Start, Select and C are located. On the opposite side are switches which turn On or Off the laser and the force feedback or select the gun mode when playing on a PlayStation. Next to the switches is a working magazine release button, which releases the battery caddy. Four AA cells are needed if the player wants to use the force feedback. The feedback is fast, but loud and weak. Furthermore in normal fire mode the feedback is often triggered twice for a single shot. The offset of the laser can be adjusted by rotating two wheels.

Just like the Logic3 Predator and its successor the PX098 has chains of colored LEDs on the sides which let its diodes glow consecutively upon shooting. The sight picture is nice and clear, but personally I had problems to focus the sights with my eyes while having the light gun in rifle configuration. The gun can be operated as a pistol. That way the feeling of it reminds me of the Bandai Hyper Shot for the NES. The PX098 is more usable though, as it is lighter, especially if the player chooses to remove the magazine. The clickly, tactile trigger works very well, but to me it feels a bit plasticy. That doesn't mean however that the gun was flimsy. It feels sturdy and well made.

Accuracy and precision of the gun are very good on both consoles in all gun modes. Very narrow dead zones are present at the left hand side and the bottom of the screen, but these are so thin that they are neglectable. On the PlayStation in normal gun mode the B button acts as Start and A as special shot. The PX098 is compatible to 100 Hz CRT screens.

Personally I love the PX098. It is my favorite rifle controller by far. Providing Namco like accuracy and precision for three gaming consoles on all CRT monitors using a single product is a stunning achievement. I therefore recommend this controller warm heartedly to every light gun enthusiast.

I like the box design. The background is a nice composition of blue prints, shooting targets and camouflage. Interestingly the rifle shown in the foreground sports different markings than the final product.