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Blaze Scorpion II

The reviews on this site are the text versions of the videos on my YouTube channel. The text based reviews use (if at all) very little pictures. Please follow the link to the corresponding video in order to see in game graphics.

In episode 115 I showed the Scorpion light gun, often associated with Blaze. Interestingly the different distributors of this product went different routes when they were looking for a successor product. As an example the Panther series went away from the Walther PPK design after a while. In this episode I am going to show which light gun Blaze chose to sell as a successor. It is called the Scorpion II and it was made for the Sony PlayStation.

The gun feels very sturdy and is pleasant to hold. On its sides the A and B buttons are symmetrically placed. This time the hammer of the gun is mapped to the B button. The safety lever still selects the fire mode amongst normal, full auto and full auto plus auto reload, but this time the reload interval is six shots. The selector which allows choosing from Guncon and normal Gun mode is colored red. Next to it is the On/Off switch of the built in laser, which can be X and Y adjusted with the two dented wheels. The laser is always on, if turned on, and not just if the light gun senses a screen position. On the magazine heel is still the On/Off switch of the rumble feature. This time the force feedback doesn't run from batteries but is powered by the console. This solution isn't perfect though and each time the gun rumbles the console's video signal gets corrupted for a brief moment. As there is no delicate battery compartment anymore the gun is more pleasant to hold, especially for large hands. Also on the heel is a 3.5 mm TS socket which allows the player to connect a foot pedal which is mapped to the A button.

The trigger feels very nice and actuates a clicky micro switch. There is no silly two switches solution anymore to produce a signal for the rumble feature, but the substitute solution isn't perfect and fast consecutive shots don't behave right anymore. Some shots simply won't cause a force feedback. Furthermore the rumble has a notable delay, similarly as it was with the first Scorpion gun.

The sight picture looks nice and is very usable. The gun has a new kind of front sight which I personally like better than the one of the predecessor. The Scorpion II has a bad accuracy and a bad precision in both, Guncon and normal gun mode. This time the bottom portion of the screen is detected fine though. In my opinion the gun is very pretty. The finger grooves on the grip make the gun look more aggressive and the appended laser makes the gun futuristic looking even though it is still based on the Walther PPK. The gun again sports adorable fake wood grip plates. The Scorpion II is the prettiest pocket pistol light gun I own. Instead of the typical yellow RCA break out, the gun has a whole analogue video feed through which is considerably simpler to use for players who output the video in a component format such as RGB.

Sadly as for the bad accuracy and precision I can't recommend the Scorpion II for anything more than being a display piece.

The Box is prominently branded with the new Blaze logo. The gun is visible through the packaging, which I think is a good idea considering its lovely appearance.