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2 in 1 Tough Cop Super Tough Cop (Family Computer Clones)

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2 in 1 Tough Cop Super Tough Cop was made in 1993 by Sachen which is also known as Thin Chen Enterprise. As the name already gives away it is a multi game cartridge with the two individual games Tough Cop and Super Tough Cop.

Both games are really similar and consist of two levels each. Every level is concluded in a boss fight. The shooting mechanics are the same in both games. After each shot quite some time passes before the next shot can be fired. Therefore the enemies will fire every time at the player if a shot was missed. Shooting a certain type women will yield a health penalty. Therefore the game plays rather slow and puts more emphasis on aiming than it does on reflexes.

In the first level of Tough Cop the player fights against a man who resembles Rambo. The first boss battle is a hostage situation. The second level eventually begins to scroll to new locations. However enemies just appear when the screen isn't moving. The end of the level takes place at a construction site where the second boss appears. This boss seems to suffer of a glitch as he screams twice every time he is shot. The ending screen is somewhat underwhelming.

The title screen of Super Tough Cop is notable for copying parts of the logo of Capcom's Super Street Fighter II. This game is more of the same. Its first level takes place in a street surrounding. With the bright yellow colors the game looks more like a ZX Spectrum game, than a NES game. The boss of the first level hides inside a house. The second level takes place at a train station. This level features its own music track, which is a surprise as the first level had the same music that was played through both levels of Though Cop. Faithfully to its story screen the second boss is just a sprite color swap of the first boss. After beating the boss another disappointing ending screen is shown.

For both games it is a good idea to wait until the walking enemies stand still, as I felt their hit box was misplaced during movement. Overall I like this game better than Sachen's previously released light gun game 2 in 1 Cosmocop Cyber Monster which I reviewed in episode 37. Even the music seems slightly improved. However this isn't saying much. The game felt like a budget title to me. The difficulty is good for a game of this kind, but the game is really short and not much fun. Personally I didn't like it. Once again I recommend to leave out Sachen products when digging for treasures amongst Taiwanese games.

I like the cover of the game, but it fails terribly in showing anything related to the two games.