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Wireless Hunting Video Game System

The reviews on this site are the text versions of the videos on my YouTube channel. The text based reviews use (if at all) very little pictures. Please follow the link to the corresponding video in order to see in game graphics.

Wireless Hunting Video Game System or "Wireless Gun TV Game" as it is also called was made by Shenzen Qi Shenglong Industrialist in 2011. The company operates as Kids Station Toys in the United States of America. The system can be operated by 4 AA cells, but it also accepts 6 V DC center negative from a barrel plug. It has a reset and a power button. An IR source for the gun is in the front. The light source should be placed either on top, or on the bottom of the TV. For convenience a separate light source can be used instead. It is powered by a barrel plug socket from the back of the system and is attached to the screen by suction caps. Video output is done via composite video.

The system communicates with the rifle wirelessly over 2.4 G. The gun itself is powered with 4 AA cells, which are fitted into a battery tray which resembles an actual magazine. On first glance the gun looks cheap and flimsy, however all the buttons and the trigger work nice and feel very decent upon playing. The gun has three buttons: A reset button which resets communication to the main system, a button to enter the menu and an action button, which is as far as I can tell not used in any of the included games. Other color schemes than black and orange exist. The gun has actual sights, but these are misplaced and therefore I have a hard time getting front and back sight in the focus of my eyes when aiming.

The system contains twenty games of varying quality.

AvatAir is a light gun homage to the 2009 film Avatar. Depending on the version of the plug and play system this game is even called Avatar using the correct spelling. The player has to stop an invasion of humans. The game consists of 6 scrollable levels in which the player has to survive until a timer ends. After every level the health is fully replenished. In the last level hordes of soldiers will attack after the counter reached zero and finally a huge spaceship appears which has to be shot in order to win the game. In my opinion this game is the most challenging action title on the system. It is therefore amongst my favorites for sure.

Delta force allows the player to select one of three characters. The five levels consist of a part where the player character is seen from the third person walking along a path and eventually stopping at some occasions. Enemies will then appear and attack. The second part of each level is a large scrollable stage in which enemies appear from cover. In these parts an alternative weapon and medi kits can be picked up. Delta force is one of the few games which uses the pump handle of the gun to reload. In my opinion this game is easily one of the systems highlights and my personal favorite.

Happy Darts is a match of darts against the CPU. The variant played is the one where the player has to decrease a certain amount of points down to zero by subtracting points scored on the dart board. Finally the points have to reach precisely zero by hitting a double mark. Funny enough this is not the only darts light gun game as there was a version of Bullseye for the ZX Spectrum released in the Sinclair Action Pack.

Trophy Season, or Open Season as it is called on some builds of the system, is a homage to the Big Buck Hunter series. In three levels the player has to shoot male deer, birds and rabbits while avoiding shooting female deer. The gun has to be reloaded after every shot using the pump handle. Contrary to a Big Buck Hunter game far more than three bucks appear per level. The final score and a rating are displayed at the end. The graphics and animations of the game remind me of the Jakks Pacific plug and play version of Bick Buck Hunter Pro, yet they are not as good.

Freedom Force consists solely of two levels in which objects have to be shot while avoiding an axe which is eventually thrown towards the player by a cowboy. Shooting dynamite will cause the player to get snow blind for a few seconds. The used six shot revolver can be reloaded once it is fully depleted by actuating the pump handle.

Secret Mission consists of four levels, in which a certain number of approaching enemies have to be shot. The player may enter a scope mode by actuating the pump handle, but this is somewhat pointless as the magnification is just very minor. The weapon loads automatically but takes quite some time to do so.

Predator is very similar to Secret Mission but the game play is much worse in this game. The player scrolls the scenery with the reticle. Sadly this mechanic feels hypersensitive and twitchy. Again the player may enter a scope mode, but in this game the feature is broken and sets the view to the center of the scenery every time the mode is entered. Sometimes the game glitched out on me which caused some of the textures to move together with the field of view while the rest remained static. Health can be replenished by picking up medi packs.

Angry Pirate consists of two levels which continue to loop in increased difficulty upon conclusion. One level takes place on open seas and lets the player shoot pirate boats. The other level plays at a pirate ship, where two kinds of pirates have to be shot, while shooting pirates who surrender will decrease the score. At the end of this level a boss will appear. He attacks the player with bare fists.

In Balloon Shoot the player shoots balloons for points. Every now and then the speed of the balloons is changing. This game feels the most incomplete as there seems to be no real purpose or end to this game.

In Be Careful a girl is tied to a turning wheel. In a knife throwing fashion the player throws tomatoes at the plate while trying to avoid hitting the girl. Hitting the girl will take away points. Eventually a monster appears. If it is hit it causes a time punishment. The scenery is alternating between day and night. In the night stages every now and then a black cat appears which can be shot for extra points.

In Toy Land the player has to make as many points as possible within a time limit. Different kinds of bonuses appear from time to time such as score doublers and additional time. The game is very easy and it isn't difficult to achieve a score which violates the borders of the score box and result table.

Dream Forrest is very similar to Toy Land in every regard, however it is not as easy.

Duck Hunt is a homage to the Nintendo game of the same name. It even borrows some of the sound effects. Visually the game reminds me somewhat of the first part of the Moorhuhn series. In every round the player has to meet an increasingly difficult points requirement. Furthermore the amount of available ammunition is decreased as the game progresses.

In Ghost Shooter the player has to surpass a points threshold within a time limit in order to carry on. The used gun is reloaded by pulling the trigger while the gun is empty. Amongst the enemies are two kinds which decrease the player's health if they attack. After six stages the game ends and it shows the final score and a rating.

In Net Power the player tries again to achieve as many points as possible within a time limit. In this game the standard weapon is fully automatic. The game feels less complete than the others and lacks a score screen at the end.

Super Archer lets the player shoot arrows at a target. The wind conditions are displayed in the lower right corner. These have to be considered in order to achieve a maximum of points. After 12 rounds the final score is shown and compared against the high scores.

Open training features the same boy as Super Archer did, but this game is an air gun contest. The score of 30 rounds is summed up to a final score which is compared against a score board.

Penguin War lets the player protect items in the center of the screen from approaching penguins. The standard weapon is a sling shot, but other kinds of weapons can be picked up by shooting icons. If the player lasts 400 seconds the game ends and the final score is shown. In my opinion this is one of the better games.

Ultimate Frisbee is a Skeet Shooting game. The number of clay pigeons and the difficulty increase as the game progresses.

Ufo Shooting wants the player to make as many points as possible by shooting different kinds of enemies. The enemies just float by and do nothing. Overall I think this game is very boring and it felt incomplete to me.

I am glad to own this system as these budget, low fidelity items are often not considered collector's items and get extremely rare when time passes on. They often extinct and disappear from people's memories, so I am glad I was able to show it on my channel. That being said, the system is not much fun, and honestly I can't recommend it to anybody. The system and all the contained games are technologically well made, but sadly the game design varies between average and poor. I play lots of early micro computer light gun games. Often the premise of these games is not more complex than on the Wireless System here. The difference however is, that the challenge, scoring system, game play and game design make them far more fun to play.