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Blue Sega Light Phaser

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The Sega Light Phaser is a now iconic 80ties light gun released for the Sega Master System. Its likeness was used in an anime called Zillion, which spawned a line of laser tag toys that used the shell of the Light Phaser for a product. The Light Phaser shell was also used for the first few Actionware light guns for the Commodore Amiga, evidence of which can still be seen in some game manuals. At least two kinds of micro computer light guns had a design, which was inspired by the Sega Light Phaser. Even the NES got a Light Phaser inspired gun, which was introduced to me by the HistoricNerd who I linked in the video description.

The Sega Light Phaser wasn't challenged much. 1988 another Master System light gun called Mega Phaser was announced by Sega but never released. The only third party light gun for the Sega Master System I am aware of is a Cheetah Defender clone, sold by Marpes.

In this episode I am going to show an interesting variant of the Sega Light Phaser. Brazil has complex import laws, which affect certain items, that weren't built on home soil, to cost more. For that reason Sega worked with Tec Toy in Brazil to assemble consoles, games and accessories locally. Brazil got some exclusive items and as of making this video Tec Toy is still producing Master Systems. The three Tec Toy "Master System III Compact" which run the 2.4 Bios came bundled with a blue Light Phaser. Apart from its color it's a normal Light Phaser. It is just as precise and well built as its black counterparts.

Some people consider the blue variant very rare and desirable. The truth is however, that the Brazilian retro gaming scene is very old and very healthy. That means that many people in Brazil held onto their blue Light Phasers and thus many of them are still in circulation. In my opinion some color variants of the Light Phaser sold in the United States are much more uncommon. There two kinds with orange tip exist, which were introduced later, to distinguish these light guns from real firearms. One kind uses an orange sticker which doesn't cover the front sight. The other kind has a completely painted tip. Even the screw is covered. Personally I am very glad to own a blue Light Phaser and I consider it a marvel of my collection.