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Hori Beretta M92FS Target HPS-82

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Hori is a well known manufacturer of video game controllers. In the western world people were struck with surprise when they first saw the Mini Pad for the Nintendo 64 and the Game Boy Player Controller for the Nintendo GameCube. Most casual gamers were unaware at that point that high quality third party controllers existed, as the ones they knew were usually far inferior to first party products. With the established good reputation and commercial success nowadays Hori controllers are omnipresent within the Super Smash Brothers scene as GameCube like controllers were released for the Wii U and the Switch.

The Beretta M92FS Target light gun was made by Hori in conjunction with Marushin. Marushin is a producer of very realistic air soft and blank cartridge guns. The controller looks very nice and is very heavy. Without cables it weights 612 g. It is cold to the touch and was presumably cast form a zinc alloy. The cable is detachable, which allows the owner to display the gun. The gun uses the magazine release button and the slide catch lever as A and B buttons respectively. Furthermore the gun comes with a very sturdy and high quality foot pedal which is also mapped to the A button. The gun just works with G-con 45 compatible games and can't be used in generic light gun mode.

I love how the gun looks and feels. It is amongst the most beautiful light guns I own. The gun is accurate, but has a bad precision. Furthermore the gun is unable to detect positions within a big portion of the bottom of the screen. Although I like heavy light guns and I often put weights into gun controllers, the weight of this Hori gun was too high for me. It wasn't game breaking, but after a while I wished it was lighter. The sensor in the gun seems to be rather light hungry and I was forced to turn the screen brighter as it would have been necessary for a Namco Guncon. Having both buttons on the same side of the gun isn't well suited for games such as Resident Evil Gun Survivor and it isn't great for left handed players. My biggest complaint is about the trigger. In my opinion it isn't tactile enough and it actuates too late. The player has to retreat the finger very far back to allow for a next shot. This makes shooting fast, consecutive shots difficult, as they will be slower than usual and some shots won't be detected. Overall I would say this is a fun, very pretty and well made collector's item, but nothing that I will be using while hunting for high scores.

The box looks very plain yet elegant, but I think this matches the gun perfectly. On the back some instructions show how to hook up the gun with the console.