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The contend of this page is a collection of tools for chemists. It isn't entertaining.

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DAP (DigitalAnalogPrinter)

DAP is like an analogue pen recorder. It records the signals in real time while displaying it. Additional it has the advantage that all measurements are digitally recorded and can be further processed, as they are saved as ASCII text files. DAP can be stopped and started manually, but also be programmed to stop after a certain time. DAP supports the Metrohm devices "780 pH Meter" and "781 pH/Ion Meter". Possibly further Metrohm devices will work, but this was not tested. The communication is established via the RS232 port. One has to use a Metrohm cable or modify a RS232 cable according to the Metrohm document 8.781.113. Currently this program is only available in German. The program runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Van Deemter equation solver:

This tool for Microsoft Excel finds the Van Deemter equation of a given measurement system through the method of linear least squares. Maximal 1000 data pairs can be used. This tool makes it's optimization according to Van Deemter’s historic equation.