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Sega Stunner to Super Nintendo Entertainment System conversion

The reviews on this site are the text versions of the videos on my YouTube channel. The text based reviews use (if at all) very little pictures. Please follow the link to the corresponding video in order to see in game graphics.

The Sega Stunner is an excellent light gun in its own right. I use it to play Super Nintendo Entertainment System games. I never bought a Nintendo Super Scope as for its lack of sights. I was thinking about putting the internals of a Super Scope into a gun frame in order to use it in a somewhat similar manner as a Sega Menacer in its gun configuration. Luckily I found the mod I am introducing in this text when doing my research. Allow me to give a brief overview over the guns of the SNES, to explain why this modification is relevant.

The Super Scope looks like a bazooka. The player places it onto the shoulder, aims trough the scope and fires by pressing the colored trigger button, which is located at the top of the gun. Next to it are the pause button and a fire mode switch. At the front handle is the cursor button. As a rectile a black bar hangs into the sight picture. The scope can either be attached to the left or right hand side of the gun depending on the eye dominance of the player. The gun needs six 2 AA cells. At the top of the lens there is an infrared transmitter which communicates with a receiver located at the top of the televesion. It sends the gun inputs over the receiver to the connected console.

Konami made a SNES version of its famous Justifier. Sadly the Justifier lacks sights. In order to play Snatcher I finally ended up putting sights onto the gun myself. Besides the trigger the gun has a start button. In the handle is a RJ12 socket, which allows the player to plug in a similar purple gun for the second player. Overall the gun is well built.

Besides the Super Scope and the Justifier, there were other guns for the SNES. The Top Fighter was a Justifier clone which was compatible with both, SNES and Mega Drive. I think this is a great Idea considering the rather small library of Justifier compatible games. The Turbo Gun is a lovely Super Scope and Justifier alternative. It resembles the Playchoice-10 gun, the Konami Justifier and the American Laser Games GameGun patterns but has distinctive differences. Just like the Super Scope it has buttons for pause and cursor. The back sight is used to switch between Justifier and Super Scope modes on the SNES. Like the Top Fighter the Turbo Gun can be used to play Konami games on the Genesis.

A very interesting gun was used by the US Army for target practice. The project was called M.A.C.S which stood for Multi Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator and used Jäger AP74 rifles turned into light guns.

Sadly besides the Turbo Gun all those guns are incompatible to the Super Scope. Furthermore the Turbo Gun is rare and thus hard to get. Luckily ''micro'', an active member of the circuit-board.de community invented a Sega Stunner to SNES conversion. This is a scheme of his modification. A CMOS 8-stage static shift register is added into the gun. It is connected to the original Stunner PCB and to the SNES controller pins. Micro suggests gluing the chip right onto the already present IC. These are the internals of the gun. Personally I added 35 g weights into each weight slot in order to relocate the gun's center of mass.

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